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Crafted with Heirloom Gravenstein Apples sourced from Sonoma County, California

Roberts Orchard
Locally Grown. Barrel-Aged. 100% Heirloom Apples.

The Heirloom Apple Brandy

Each year we collaborate with local Sonoma County apple farmers to grow and harvest Gravenstein apples to craft our Save the Gravenstein single-varietal cider. As we continue our mission to save this beloved fruit, our Gravenstein Apple Brandy - made from the same fresh-pressed Gravenstein apple juice - allows us to highlight this heirloom apple varietal in a whole new light.

Apple: Heirloom Gravenstein Apples

Orchard Appellation: Russian River Valley

Tasting Notes: Aged in heavy-toast French Oak barrels for 36 months to provide rich notes of maple, baked pear, and caramel-candied apple with light floral aromas. This brandy is rich, and full-bodied with a velvety finish, perfect for sipping or crafting your favorite cocktail.

Distillation and Aging: 

  • Barrels: French Oak
  • Aging: 36 months in barrel
  • Bottle Proof: 90
  • Bottle ABV: 45%
Heirloom Apple Brandy

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