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Apple Driven

All our ciders start with 100% West Coast apples sourced from orchards in California and the Pacific Northwest. We aim to elevate the apple as a fruit and highlight the family farms where they grow. Thanks to controlled atmosphere storage, we can cold-press fresh apples year-round, producing consistent, high-quality juice resulting in delicious, refreshing dry ciders.

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Our Series

Delve deeper into our exclusive offerings by sampling our Core Series or expand to one of our Limited Edition series, where innovative flavors meet traditional cider-making techniques for a truly unique tasting experience. Whether you're seeking the tartness of rare apple varieties or the smooth blend of apples and seasonal spices, our meticulously crafted ciders are designed to delight the senses and elevate your cider-drinking journey.

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The Taproom

From our core and specialty ciders to exclusive “taproom only” blends, our Sebastopol Taproom is the place to be to experience them all.

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